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Expertly fitted vehicle trackers in Wirral

A professionally installed vehicle tracker can give you that all-important piece of mind. Contact Auto Systems Electrical (Mobile Service) today for a competitive quote.

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What is a vehicle tracker?

It's a known fact that cars, vans and certain types of plant equipment are a popular target for thieves, so it pays to protect them. A vehicle tracker can help you and the police locate a stolen vehicle, and greatly increase its chances of being recovered and returned to you.

An in-vehicle tracker is a small device that emits a GPS signal, allowing you to accurately locate the vehicle. Often these devices are accurate enough to find your vehicle within metres of the signal location.

Auto Systems Electrical is experienced in fitting these devices. We will fit your tracker in a highly discreet location, meaning criminals may not even realise it is there! Based in Wirral, we offer a mobile service 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and can be counted on for a wide range of additional auto-electrical services, including diagnostics and dash cam installations.

Track stolen vehicles

Sports Car

If you own a classic car or other desirable vehicle, it can be a target for thieves. A tracker can give you that much-need peace of mind, may reduce insurance premiums, and increase the chances of recovering your vehicle if it were to be stolen.

Trackers are also ideal for fleet vehicles and plant equipment, both of which are highly valued by criminals.

Fleet management

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As well as being able to track stolen vehicles, trackers also have a benefit from a logistical perspective. By being able to monitor your fleets, you can better organise deliveries, manage drivers, and make your organisation more efficient. Our tracker installations are ideal for installation in vans, delivery vehicles, taxis and plant equipment.

"Amazing service and very tidy job. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much."

"Excellent service. Highly knowledgeable, Highly experienced and efficient, very helpful and thoughtful, fantastic and very reliable, is what Simon is! Simon does much more than what is expected of him, very kind and helpful. Thank you so much Simon."



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Considering a vehicle tracker?

Get a quote from our team today, on 07850 012395.

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